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Verse Drama

With my degree in English, it is perhaps not surprising that I admire Shakespeare's writing. The Bard became my artistic role-model for Alex, Eliza, and the State, my most ambitious project as an undergraduate student (though I hope that greater works shall come!).

Alex, Eliza, and the State

This history play, written mostly in iambic pentameter, has already won the Gerard Manley Hopkins Award for Poetry (despite being only half-complete at the time). While work on the play continues, here is a short excerpt of the planned 2000-line play as presented during the awards ceremony:

YouTube videos

On the left is a video of the awards ceremony. On the right is a video of my one-man performance of the rest of Act 1, Scene 3 some months later at a small literary conference and festival in West Virginia.

Video of me receiving the Gerard Manley Hopkins Award for Poetry Video of my one-man performance of Act I, Scene 3

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