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Here are a small sample of some of the essays that I have written in the past.

Award-Winning Works

These are my three essays that together won the 2009 Fairfield University English Award for the Non-Fiction Essay (open to all majors), which is awarded once a year to the student whose submission is considered by a panel of three judges to be the best:

YouTube videos

Below are a couple of videos from the awards ceremony. The one on the left shows Dr. David Sapp with some kind words and the one on the right shows me reading When the Press Squashes Skepticism.

Video of Dr. Sapp praising my work during essay awards ceremony Me reading 'When the Press Squashes Skepticism' during essay awards

Other Works

This next essay, written during my freshman year, was not originally uploaded to Scribd by me. It somehow found its way to the internet without my permission. (It was strange and flattering to find the essay after Googling my own name and then to see it been rated 5 stars!) Of course, after proving it was mine, Scribd transferred control of the document to me. While I would hope my writing has since improved, it remains an interesting read.

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