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Here are various drawings I've done over the years. I plan to add more eventually, but alas it takes time to properly digitize such works.

Note: Not all drawings have thumbnails. Additional images in each gallery may be viewed via the left/right arrow keys or the mouse wheel. Also, assuming you have a modern browser (i.e. not Internet Explorer), your URL bar will update with the appropriate address as you look through each image--otherwise the URL will appear below the title.

Life Drawings (back to top)

These drawings are of live models (i.e. not from photographs), including portraits and nude figures.

Life Portrait (23 Feb 2010) [cropped preview] Nude Figure Life Portrait in Stabilo [cropped preview]

Gesture Drawings (back to top)

By definition, gesture drawings are done quickly. Often drawn in public spaces, the subjects here did not pose and were frequently in motion while I drew them.

Professor Orlando Grading Papers at Jazzman's Cafe [cropped preview] Fairfield Students on a Bench in the Quad [cropped preview] Girl Reclining on a Beach Chair [cropped preview]

Still Life (back to top)

It has been years since I have drawn still life. Due to the fact that the physical drawings are about 3000 miles from my present location, we'll have to make do with these low-quality cell phone camera images of them for now.

Three Views of a Lamp [cropped preview] Egg Gradient Study [cropped preview] Library at East Los Angeles College [cropped preview]

Miscellaneous (back to top)

This gallery contains drawings that do not quite fit in the above categories.

Hand-Drawn Vulture or Dragon [cropped preview]

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